Frukstereo Daft Frukt 2019

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Type: Cider
Producer: Frukstereo
Country: Sweden
Region: Skåne
Fruit: Cox Orange 70% Alexander Lukas pears 30%
Year: 2019
Farming: Organic

Frukstereo is a collaboration between Karl Sjöström & Mikael Nypelius, who both worked as sommeliers in fine dining in Sweden. The fruit they work with comes either from home gardens or abandoned orchards, or is from waste fruit from local farmers. Everything they make is fermented with natural yeast with zero additives.

The Cox apples have been macerated like red wine with its skins for about two weeks. The pears have been fermented out dry and left with flor like fino sherry for a couple of months to give the cider its salty intensity.

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