Trinity Canyon Vineyards Ancestors Voskehat 2019

Trinity Canyon Vineyards Ancestors Voskehat 2019

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Type: Orange
Producer: Trinity Canyon
Country: Armenia
Region: Vayots Dzor
Grape: Voskehat
Year: 2019
Farming: Organic

In 2019, Trinity Canyon Vineyards presented the first Armenian orange wine with the Voskehat made in terracotta amphorae. It is an opportunity to discover a wine without sulfite and without the intervention of modern technologies, as vinified by our ancestors. By the way, the name of the wine is Voskehat Ancestors'.

Tasting notes: This extraordinary expression of Voskehat is based on an ancient Armenian method of white wine making on the skin of the grape. The wine includes the elegance and roughness of the terroir.

In the glass, Voskehat Ancestors shows amber with ruby "‹"‹reflections. Elegant fruity bouquet on the nose with the typical Armenian apricots, ripe yellow fruit accompanied by the notes of cinnamon and fresh grass. Acidity expressed in the mouth, a touch of soft tannins and dry fruit create an exceptional balance and complexity.